Sense of war

As a continuation of the exhibition series 'Hybrid War' by Dagmar Rauwald, the project 'Sense of War' evolved. It was a collectively organized group exhibition of Hamburg and Ukrainian female artists. Sculpture, video, installation, painting, graphics by:

Alisa Sizykh | Dagmar Rauwald | Jenni Schurr | Julia Duarte | Mascha Vyshedska | Nadia Mykhailiuk | Natali Agryzkova | Olga Barashykova | Paula Lytovchenko | Vira Vaysberg.

Curation: Olga Barashykova.
Organization: Dagmar Rauwald | Jenni Schurr | Olga Barashykova.

Exhibition Concept

The war in Ukraine shakes the entire world. It abruptly reminded us of what truly matters in life. Whether people find themselves in the epicenter of events or observe from the outside, we all experience an emotional state of exception. Everyone had to find their own way to cope with the war, the suffering, the threats, as well as the feelings of powerlessness and helplessness. In a collaborative exhibition, Ukrainian and Hamburg-based female artists explore their emotional world one year after the escape.

Artist talk “Sense of War”, February 2023, Hamburg
in photo: Nadia Mykhailiuk, Olga Barashykova, Dagmar Rauwald, Jenni Schurr, Paula Lytovchenko, Vira Vaysberg , Cristina Rüesch

Artist talk “Sense of War”, February 2023, Hamburg
in photo: Olga Barashykova, Jenni Schurr, Paula Lytovchenko, Cristina Rüesch

„Position of Power“, 2022/23
wood, mirror glass, plastic,
190 x 210 cm | In the mirrow reflection: work by Julia Duarte