Jenni Schurr


works as a conceptual, multidisciplinary artist. Using a wide range of materials and techniques, she creates analogue and digital art. Her works deal with socio-political themes that often get to the bottom of the inner being and explore psychological causalities. She currently lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

latest shows


13.– 22.01.23
Group Exhibition “SENSE OF WAR”, Frappant Galerie, Hamburg Germany

past shows

16-18.12.2022 Group Exhibition at MOM art space “Passed Out”

11.08-11.09.2022 Group Exhibition at xpon-art gallery “verRATEN”

23-25.06.2022 Group Exhibition at MOM art space “All this justifies thinking of...”

7.–10.04.2022 solo show at studio nonsens hamburg

sep./okt. 2021 group exhibiton 404:NOT FOUND at PAL hamburg/

august 2021 – april 2022 exhibition at blaenk, lüneburg/

july 2021 Viva con Agua Arts, St. Pauli - 100 Blickwinkel/

june 2021 lunatic festval/ wall